Rip Them Off is a highly-stylised puzzle / tower defense hybrid with jazzy music.
Available on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS.

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"TIGA Games Industry Awards 2020" - Finalist for best puzzle game, best strategy game and nominated for Game Of The Year
"GDC Summer 2020" - Artwork selected at GDC Artists gallery

"With a gorgeous visual aesthetic, a jazzy soundtrack, and smart puzzle-play, it's hard to find too much fault with Rip Them Off" - Pocket Tactics
"With a minimalist 1960s art style, a capitalist-sceptic theme, and jazzy soundtrack it’s got style" -
"Rip Them Off features a beautiful, minimalistic aesthetic" - The Gamer
"Rip Them Off certainly has the potential to become increasingly more complex. Coupled with the lovely 1950s aesthetic it's definitely a game worth keeping an eye on." - Pocket Gamer


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